Open Bachelor's Theses

Title Type Advisors Links
Impact of Meltdown and Spectre on Networking Performance BA, IDP, GR Sebastian Gallenmüller, Johannes Naab, Dominik Scholz Pdf
P4: Programming Protocol Independent Packet Processing BA, MA, IDP, GR Sebastian Gallenmüller, Dominik Scholz, Fabien Geyer Pdf
Designing a Multipath Overlay BA, MA Heiko Niedermayer Pdf
Certificate Monitoring BA, MA Heiko Niedermayer, Sree Harsha Totakura Pdf
Performance Guarantees for Wireless Links: Validation using Measurements BA, MA, GR Dr. Fabien Geyer Pdf
Route Monitoring to Detect Anomalies On Your Connection BA, MA Heiko Niedermayer, Sree Harsha Totakura Pdf
eLearning Statistic Modules MA, BA, IDP Marc-Oliver Pahl Pdf
I2RS - Interface to the Rounting System BA, MA, GR Edwin Cordeiro Pdf
Packet Processing with Lua BA, MA, IDP, HiWi, GR, GP Paul Emmerich, Sebastian Gallenmüller Pdf