Open Guided Researches

Title Type Advisors Links
Impact of Meltdown and Spectre on Networking Performance BA, IDP, GR Sebastian Gallenmüller, Johannes Naab, Dominik Scholz Pdf
A symbolic Fourier-Motzkin Solver MA, GR Maurice Leclaire Pdf
P4: Programming Protocol Independent Packet Processing BA, MA, IDP, GR Sebastian Gallenmüller, Dominik Scholz, Fabien Geyer Pdf
Performance Guarantees for Wireless Links: Validation using Measurements BA, MA, GR Dr. Fabien Geyer Pdf
I2RS - Interface to the Rounting System BA, MA, GR Edwin Cordeiro Pdf
Packet Processing with Lua BA, MA, IDP, HiWi, GR, GP Paul Emmerich, Sebastian Gallenmüller Pdf